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Почти весь выпуск говорим о пельменях. Еще немного о самодельных книжках и странной рекламе. Спонсор выпуска международный фандрайзинговый проект Whole World – Внимание! Аудиозапись содержит ненормативную лексику


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Группа авторов Study on International Politics in Contemporary China

China's guiding principle for foreign relations and its focus on states and regions has shifted a lot from the first 30 years of the founding of the People's Republic of China (PRC) in 1949, to 1978 and beyond, after reform and opening-up. However, PRC's diplomatic practice has been continuous, whether it was participation in the Korean War, breaking up with the former Soviet Union after a honeymoon period, China's self defense war over Sino&#x2013;Indian border, participation in the Vietnam War, breakthrough in the Sino&#x2013;US relation, or PRC's self defense war over the Sino&#x2013;Vietnamese border. These historical events brought the need for theoretical study in International Politics (IP). The development of China's IP research was slow and filled with complications, but it signified a breakthrough from scratch. This book has filled gap by depicting a complete scroll of China's IP research in over 60 years since 1949. This book has followed two principles: one is according to the classification of the IP discipline and the other is to recommend adaptations according to China's actual conditions.<b>Contents:</b> <ul><li>International Politics Studies in China <i>(Li Shaojun)</i></li><li>Studies on International Pattern and International Order <i>(Song Wei and Pan Jingnan)</i></li><li>On Chinese International Relations Research Methods <i>(Zhou Fangyin)</i></li><li>Studies on Contemporary Chinese Diplomacy <i>(Wang Cungang)</i></li><li>Studies on International Security in China <i>(Liu Feng)</i></li><li>Studies on Chinese National Sovereignty and Interest <i>(Fang Changping)</i></li><li>Studies on International Organizations in China <i>(Li Dongyan)</i></li><li>Nationalism Studies in China <i>(Wang Jun)</i></li><li>Study on Regional Integration in China <i>(Feng Weijiang)</i></li><li>Studies in China on Global Governance <i>(Ren Lin)</i></li><li>International Political Economy Study in China <i>(Xu Xiujun)</i></li><li>Diplomacy Study in China <i>(Zhao Kejin)</i></li><li>Generation of the School of International Relations Study in China <i>(Xu Jin)</i></li></ul><br><b>Readership:</b> Scholars and researchers of international politics, international relations and contemporary China; international think-tank institutions. International Politics Studies;International Pattern and International Order;Chinese International Relations Research Methods;Contemporary Chinese Diplomacy;International Security;Chinese National Sovereignty and Interest;International Organizations;Nationalism Studies;Regional Integration;Global Governance;International Political Economy Study;Diplomacy Study;School of International Relations Study0<b>Key Features:</b><ul><li>This book has filled a gap by depicting a complete scroll of China's international politics research in over 60 years since 1949</li></ul>

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Творческий коллектив Mojomedia Выпуск № 173

Итак, в этом выпуске обсуждаем, что делать если вы живете в «Усть – змеинске»? И как говорить с партнером, если он в постели не очень? Спонсор выпуска сеть премиальных медицинских центров аппаратной косметологии EPILAS – Ссылки на статьи в журнале Heroine: Пишите Сашке и Дашке – Наши страницы в соцсетях: Чат в Telegram: @MojoPodcasts Канал в Telegram: @MojoPodcast #шменгэ_мэнгэ Подписываемся! Чат в Telegram: @MojoPodcasts Канал в Telegram: @MojoPodcast

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Группа авторов A Passion for Physics

0<b>Contents:</b> <ul><li>Preface</li><li><b><i>Part I:</i></b><ul><li>The Analytic and Unitary S Matrix <i>(William R Frazer)</i></li><li>How Geoff Got Started? <i>(James S Ball)</i></li><li>Interactions with Geoff Chew <i>(Owen Chamberlain)</i></li><li>My Years with Professor Chew <i>(Georgella Perry)</i></li><li>Complete Sets of Wave-packets <i>(Francis E Low)</i></li><li>Salesman of Ideas <i>(John Polkinghorne)</i></li><li>Thirty Years of One-Particle Exchange <i>(Michael J Moravcsik)</i></li><li>Is There a &#x0394;&#x0394;&#x03C0; Problem? <i>(Duane A Dicus and Vigdor L Teplitz)</i></li><li>My Experience with the S-Matrix Program <i>(Steven Frautschi)</i></li><li>The S-Matrix Theory of Nuclear Forces <i>(R Vinh Mau)</i></li><li>Quark Loops and Open Channels in Hadron Mass-Spectrum Dynamics <i>(Louis A P Bal&#x00E1;zs)</i></li><li>What are the Quark and Gluon Poles? <i>(Carleton DeTar)</i></li><li>The Pomeron Story <i>(A Capella, Uday Sukhatme, Chung-I Tan & J Tran Thanh Van)</i></li><li>A Crucial Probe of the Confinement Mechanism in QCD: Linearly Rising Regge Trajectories <i>(Carl Rosenzweig)</i></li><li>Composite Vector Mesons and String Models <i>(Stanley Mandelstam)</i></li><li>From the Bootstrap to Superstrings <i>(John H Schwartz)</i></li><li>The Ultimate Structure of Matter <i>(Steven Weinberg)</i></li><li>On The Uniqueness of Physical Theories <i>(David J Gross)</i></li><li>Renormalons and Phenomenology in QCD <i>(Al H Mueller)</i></li><li>Stochastic Variables in Four-Dimensional Gauge Theories <i>(G Veneziano)</i></li><li>Comments on Heavy Quark Decays and CP Violation <i>(Ling-Lie Chau)</i></li><li>'Coups de Foudre et Passions' of Twelve Lively Years with Geoff <i>(Denyse M Chew)</i></li><li>Topological Theory of Strong and Electroweak Interactions <i>(Jerome Finkelstein)</i></li><li>Deducing T, C and P Invariance for Strong Interactions in Topological Particle Theory <i>(C Edward Jones)</i></li><li>From Baryonium to Hexons <i>(Basarab Nicolescu and V Po&#x00E9;naru)</i></li><li>Physics Reports: An Editorial Experiment <i>(Maurice Jacob)</i></li><li>A Passion for Physics <i>(Marvin L Goldberger)</i></li></ul></li><li><b><i>Part II:</i></b><ul><li>Bootstrap Physics: A Conversation with Geoffrey Chew <i>(Fritjof Capra)</i></li></ul></li><li><b>List of Contributors</b></li><li><b>Publications of G Chew</b></li></ul><br><b>Readership:</b> Students, researchers and academics interested in particle physics.000

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Группа авторов Roman Jackiw

Professor Roman Jackiw is a theoretical physicist renowned for his many fundamental contributions and discoveries in quantum and classical field theories, ranging from high energy physics and gravitation to condensed matter and the physics of fluids. Among his major achievements is the establishment of the presence of the famous Adler&#x2013;Bell&#x2013;Jackiw anomalies in quantum field theory, a discovery with far-reaching implications for the structure of the Standard Model of particle physics and all attempts to go beyond it. Other important contributions, among many, that one may mention here are the topological mass term in gravity and gauge theories, and the fractionalization of fermion number and charge in the presence of topological objects.Roman Jackiw, a Professor Emeritus at the MIT Center for Theoretical Physics, is the recipient of several international awards including the Dannie Heineman Prize for Mathematical Physics and the Dirac Medal of the ICTP. He is a member of the US National Academy of Sciences and honorary doctor of Kiev, Montreal, Tours, Turin and Uppsala universities.To celebrate his 80th birthday, many students and colleagues of Professor Jackiw have come together to share interesting anecdotes of working with him as well as their latest research, some of it inspired by his work. Edited by his former students Antti Niemi and Terry Tomboulis together with his long-time friend KK Phua, this festschrift volume is a must-have collection for all theoretical physicists.<b>Contents:</b> <ul><li><b><i>Personal Recollections:</i></b><ul><li>Recent Path Crossings with Roman and Anomalies <i>(Stephen L Adler)</i></li><li>Roman Jackiw and the Family Structure <i>(Luis &#x00C1;lvarez-Gaum&#x00E8;)</i></li><li>Romaniana: A Student's Appreciation of Roman Jackiw, on His 80th Birthday <i>(Michael Bos)</i></li><li>Electron Fractionalization in Celebration of Roman Jackiw's 80th Birthday <i>(Claudio Chamon)</i></li><li>Roman Jackiw and Our Physics in Common <i>(John Mike Cornwall)</i></li><li>Fun in 2+1 <i>(Stanley Deser)</i></li><li>Roman Jackiw and Gauge Field Theory: Reminiscences of MIT Postdoc Days <i>(Nicholas Manton)</i></li><li>Recollections of a Most Fruitful and Enjoyable Collaboration: Looking Back at My Work with Roman Jackiw <i>(Claudio Rebbi)</i></li><li>Roman Jackiw and My MIT Days <i>(Paolo Rossi)</i></li><li>Roman Jackiw: A Beacon in a Golden Period of Theoretical Physics <i>(Luc Vinet)</i></li><li>Roman Jackiw <i>(Steven Weinberg)</i></li><li>Tribute to a Mentor <i>(L C Rohana Wijewardhana)</i></li></ul></li><li><b><i>Scientific Contributions:</i></b><ul><li>Entanglement in Fermionic Chains and Bispectrality <i>(Nicolas Cramp&#x00E9;, Rafael I Nepomechie and Luc Vinet)</i></li><li>Gravitational Wilson Lines in AdS&#x2083; <i>(Eric D'Hoker and Per Kraus)</i></li><li>Bions and Instantons in Triple-Well and Multi-Well Potentials <i>(Gerald V Dunne, Tin Sulejmanpasic and Mithat &#x00DC;nsal)</i></li><li>On the Sudakov Form Factor, and a Factor of Two <i>(Stefano Forte)</i></li><li>Emerging Majorana Modes in Junctions of One-Dimensional Spin Systems <i>(Domenico Giuliano, Andrea Trombettoni and Pasquale Sodano)</i></li><li>Anomalies and Bose Symmetry <i>(Daniel Kabat)</i></li><li>Sasakians and the Geometry of a Mass Term <i>(V Parameswaran Nair)</i></li><li>Celestial Operator Products of Gluons and Gravitons <i>(Monica Patez, Ana-Maria Raclariu, Andrew Strominger and Ellis Ye Yuan)</i></li><li>How to Split the Electron in Half <i>(Gordon W Semenoff)</i></li><li>Anomalies and Topologies in Quantum Field Theories <i>(Gerard 't Hooft)</i></li><li>Superinsulators, a Toy Realization of QCD in Condensed Matter <i>(Maria Cristina Diamantini and Carlo A Trugenberger)</i></li><li>Three Easy Pieces (in Tribute to Roman Jackiw) <i>(Frank Wilczek)</i></li><li>A Note on Boundary Conditions in Euclidean Gravity <i>(Edward Witten)</i></li></ul></li></ul><br><b>Readership:</b> Physics students and theoretical physicists.Theoretical Physics;Quantum Field Theory;High Energy Physics;Gravitation;Condensed Matter Physics;Fluid Dynamics;Adler–Bell–Jackiw Anomalies;Standard Model of Particle Physics;Topological Mass Term;Fractionalization of Fermion Number and Charge0<b>Key Features:</b><ul><li>Dedicated to Roman Jackiw, a well-known theoretical physicist</li><li>Prominent contributors including Nobel laureates</li><li>Includes interesting anecdotes of famous physicists</li></ul>

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Картаев Павел Компания Epic Games начала распродажу, посвященную Хеллоуину

– Вахтанг Махарадзе отвечает на вопрос слушателя и советует планшет, который может заменить ноутбук. – Смартфоны TLC начали продаваться в России -Блоггеры проверили, действительно ли тёмная тема экономит заряд. Выяснилось, что да. – Илон Маск принял участие в краснодарском форуме, отреагировав на билборд «Kak tebe takoe, Elon Mask?»

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Dan Shideler Guns Illustrated 2011

YOUR GO-TO GUIDE FOR GUNS, AMMO & GEAR<p>Get the complete low-down on what's new in the shooting industry with <b><i>Guns Illustrated 2011</b></i>. Stuffed with photos and behind-the-scenes peeks at today's hottest guns and gear, <b><i>Guns Illustrated 2011</b></i> is an economical guide to the latest and greatest guns, shooting supplies and accessories. Before you spend another dollar on guns or gear, arm yourself with the facts-with <b><i>Guns Illustrated 2011</b></i>!<p>

<li>Reports from the Field
<li>Reloading Supplies
<li>Black Powder
<li>Informative Articles on Special-Interest Guns
<li>Ballistics Tables
<li>Manufacturers Directory
<li>And more

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Группа авторов Leadership Style

In the past 40 years, the remarkable growth of China has caught the world's attention. In this groundbreaking book, two presidents of CEIBS, the top business school in China, dissect the leadership styles of top industry figures in contemporary China.This book uses real stories, real experiences, and real research from Chinese companies to show how businesses are actually run in China. Global readers will gain an invaluable understanding of Chinese leadership and how to work with Chinese businesses.<b>Contents:</b><ul><li>Show Your Leadership 'Presence' <i>(Stephen Denning)</i></li><li>Mindfulness: The Quiet in the Eye of the Storm <i>(Ben Bryant and Jeanny Wildi)</i></li><li>Stand Your Ground or Compromise? <i>(Charles P Garcia)</i></li><li>To Be a Liberating Leader <i>(Isaac Getz)</i></li><li>Leaders Who Do Not Have Decent Work <i>(Simon Caulkin)</i></li><li>Reformers that Step Down from the Altar <i>(Liu Xue)</i></li><li>Does Your Job Match Your Personality? Analysis and Suggestions of Personalities of Chinese Managers <i>(Jean Lee)</i></li><li>How does the Board of Directors Manage the 'CEO Replacement Plan'? <i>(Li Yang)</i></li><li>Feng Lun: 'I am Zero' <i>(Zhu Qiong)</i></li><li>Joining a Time-Honored Enterprise: My Days in Tata Steel <i>(B Muthuraman)</i></li><li>Wang Shi Hovered Between the Eastern and Western Cultures <i>(Zhu Qiong)</i></li><li>Zhang Chaoyang: Through the Flames <i>(Liu Zhengzheng)</i></li><li>Be a Genuine Craftsman: The Source of Happiness for an Advertising Godfather <i>(Liu Zhengzheng)</i></li><li>The Parent Zong Qinghou <i>(Zhi Weiyong)</i></li><li>Are You a Narcissistic Leader? <i>(Art Kleiner)</i></li><li>Thinking Map for Leaders <i>(S Ramnarayan, Sudhanshu Palsule and Manoj Pawar)</i></li><li>Peter Senge: The Era of Global Companies is Coming to an End <i>(Piao Baoyi)</i></li><li>Today's Stable World is Dangerous &#x2014; Dialogue with Jim Collins <i>(Stephen Bernhut)</i></li></ul> <br><b>Readership:</b> Students and academics specializing in leadership, global managers in multinational companies, businesses having offices in China. Leadership;CEIBS;Leadership Styles;Global Leadership Research;Chinese Companies0<b>Key Features:</b><ul><li>Best selection of the top business review by the Presidents of CEIBS</li><li>Covers different leadership styles prominent industry figures like Mr Zhang Chaoyang, Zong qinghou, Wang Shi and so on</li><li>Serves as a good reference for global leadership research, especially for China-related cases</li></ul>

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Группа авторов Great Transition in India

India is undergoing a great transition, as the post-reform generation strikes out into the world. The thinking, attitudes, culture, political preferences, consumption patterns and ambitions of the post-reform generations differ greatly from that of the earlier generations. As a consequence, the country is also witnessing rapid changes not only on the socio-political and economic fronts but also on the humanities front. This book seeks to explore great transition in India through interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary perspectives in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences. In doing so, it lays foundation not only for understanding India but also in initiating a new chapter for Indian and South Asian studies. With contributions by leading scholars, the book will be of great interest to students, researchers, and for anyone wishing to explore India in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences.<b>Contents:</b> <ul><li>About the Editors</li><li>About the Contributors</li><li>Acknowledgements</li><li>Introduction <i>(Chanwahn Kim and Rajiv Kumar)</i></li><li>Caste and Social (Dis)Integration: Exploring Theoretical Transitions <i>(George Kunnath)</i></li><li>Transition in India's City-Making: New Urbanism and the Remaking of Citizenship, Class and Community <i>(Sanjay Srivastava)</i></li><li>India Transitions: Culture and Society during Contemporary Viral Times <i>(Priya Kapoor)</i></li><li>Impact of Hinduism on Buddhism: Exploring the Transition in India's Religious Landscape <i>(Kamakhiya Narain Tiwary)</i></li><li>The Encounter of Hinduism and the West: The Reawakening of Mother India in Religious Nationalist Discourse <i>(Lloyd Price)</i></li><li>Hindu Nationalism in India: A Historical Perspective <i>(Ashutosh Kumar)</i></li><li>Hindi in Multilingual India: Exploring the Transition since Independence <i>(Srijan Kumar)</i></li><li>India's Political Economy 1947&#x2013;2020: A Critical Exploration <i>(Diego Maiorano)</i></li><li>Great Transition in Indian Politics: Reflections on the Dynamics of Party System <i>(Rajiv Kumar)</i></li><li>Index</li></ul><br><b>Readership:</b> Undergraduate and graduate students specialising in South Asian studies, with a specific focus on India. Academics with a research interest in India and South Asia, and Indian history, culture, economy, and politics. Policymakers seeking an in-depth understanding of India. Great Transition in India;Interdisciplinary Approach;Humanities;Social Science;Indian Economy;Indian Society;Indian Culture;Indian Religion;Hindu Religion;Buddhism in India;Caste;Hindu Nationalism;Muslim Nationalism;City-Making in India;New-Urbanism in India;Indian Party System;Power of Competition;Democracy0<b>Key Features:</b><ul><li>This book will be the first which addresses with ongoing transition in India. It is also unique because it will critically explore the transition from an interdisciplinary perspective</li></ul>

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Группа авторов Voices on South Asia

This book investigates the contemporary social, political and economic issues faced by women in South Asia. It focuses on the policies and practices that have challenged or perpetuated gender inequalities, and the evolving role of women in South Asian societies. With contributions from practitioners, policy makers, academics and civil society activists from across South Asia, this volume provides a broad and diverse range of viewpoints on South Asian women's labour force participation, political participation, education, and health, as well as country-specific insights.The volume is conceived as a stage for debate where specific insights act as a window into wider themes, practices and policies. Each essay is followed by policy-relevant recommendations and suggestions for avenues to improve current practice. This book will be relevant for undergraduate students and lecturers of South Asian studies, development, and policy studies, as well as industry practitioners.<b>Contents:</b> <ul><li><b><i>Rights, Representation, and Political Participation:</i></b><ul><li>No Ceilings, Just Half the Sky! <i>(Meera Sanyal)</i></li><li>A Silent Revolution Happening: Nepal's Experiment with Inclusive Elections <i>(Ila Sharma)</i></li><li>Women's Rights and Gender Inequalities in Nepal <i>(Kripa Basnyat)</i></li><li>Women in the Bangladeshi Newspaper Industry: Waiting for Policy <i>(Kajalie Shehreen Islam)</i></li></ul></li><li><b><i>Challenging Gender-Based Violence and Discrimination:</i></b><ul><li>The Legal Discourse Addressing Violence Against Women in Bangladesh <i>(Taslima Yasmin)</i></li><li>Transport Solutions for Violence Against Women in India <i>(Vani Swarupa Murali)</i></li><li>Menstrual Taboo, Discriminatory Access to Places of Worship, and the Policing of Female Bodies in India: The Case of Sabarimala <i>(Silvia Tieri)</i></li><li>Dalit Women's Narratives and Autobiographical Writing: Methodological Interventions <i>(Anusha Hariharan)</i></li><li>Purdah in an In-Between Space &#x2014; An Auto-Ethnography of a Bangladeshi Woman <i>(Sharin Shajahan Naomi)</i></li></ul></li><li><b><i>Development, Education, and Health:</i></b><ul><li>Women, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), and the Bangladesh Miracle <i>(Nayma Qayum)</i></li><li>Climate Change, Women, and Environmental Movements in India <i>(Pushpa Singh)</i></li><li>Against All Odds: Breaking New Ground <i>(Baela Raza Jamil)</i></li><li>Women, Education, and Knowledge-Based Economy in Sri Lanka: Opportunities and Challenges <i>(Chulanee Attanayake)</i></li><li>Heard and Hard Reality of Maternal Health: Are We Oversimplifying the Challenges in Bangladesh? <i>(Kaosar Afsana)</i></li><li>Bridging Gender Inequality in Sanitation in India: Swachh Bharat Mission and Beyond <i>(Deepa Karthykeyan)</i></li></ul></li><li><b><i>Labour Force Participation:</i></b><ul><li>Systemic Issues Affecting Female Labour Force Participation in Sri Lanka <i>(Nisha Arunatilake)</i></li><li>Bhutanese Women in the Workforce <i>(Madhu Rajput)</i></li><li>Female Labour Force Participation in Pakistan <i>(Hadia Majid)</i></li></ul></li></ul><br><b>Readership:</b> Undergraduate students and lecturers of South Asian studies, development, and policy studies, as well as industry practitioners and policymakers.South Asia;Women;Gender;Development;Health;Labour Force Participation;Political Participation;Women's Rights;Violence Against Women;Education;India;Pakistan;Bangladesh;Nepal;Sri Lanka0<b>Key Features:</b><ul><li>Written by a diverse range of experts: practitioners, policy makers, academics and civil society activists from across South Asia</li><li>Each essay concludes with policy-relevant recommendations, suggesting improvements to current practice</li><li>Accessible, with a hands-on rather than a theoretical approach, appealing to a wide audience</li></ul>

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Mozat | Enrich Lives

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GARNI' DAL MOZAT: Bewertungen, Fotos & Preisvergleich ...

Hotel Garni' Dal Mozat, Ledro: 111 Bewertungen, 82 authentische Reisefotos und Top-Angebote für Hotel Garni' Dal Mozat, bei Tripadvisor auf Platz #1 von 24 B&Bs / inns in Ledro und mit 5 aus 5 bewertet.

Le Mazot - Nendaz

Le Mazot. Dienstleistungen. Terrasse; Gratis-WLAN; Bars und Clubs. Coffee shop; Kontakt. Route des Ecluses 2 1997 Haute-Nendaz Tel. +41 27 288 26 75 Email Öffnungszeiten. 07:00 - 24:00 Newsletter Broschüre Press Nendaz Tourisme Eigentümer NENDAZ TOURISME Route de la Télécabine 1 ...

можно ли мазать геморрой дегтем – Telegraph

Admin August 28, 2017 можно ли мазать геморрой дегтем Admin >>>>> Нажмите сюда, если не хотите ждать <<<<< >> Вы будете перенаправлены через 5 секунд <<<

Da li mozak može da se regeneriše? - Nezavisne novine

Nove moždane ćelije mogu se razviti i kod starijih ljudi, objavili su američki naučnici i podstakli novu raspravu među stručnjacima o tome da li ikada prestaje razvoj ljudskih mentalnih kapaciteta.


VÍTE JAK SPRÁVNĚ MAZAT LOŽISKA? 12.11.2018 . Abychom optimalizovali provozní trvanlivost uložení ložiska, musíme do ložiska ve správnou dobu dodávat správné množství vhodného maziva. Negativní dopad na výkonnost ložiska má nejen nedostatečné množství maziva, ale stejně tak i jeho nadměrné množství. V obou případech bude výsledek stejný: předčasné selhání ...

Miért nem mozog a magzat? -

Szóval azért ítram le mindezt hogy ne idegeskedj biztos nincs semmi gond mert most vagyok 32 hetes és kb úgy a 27 hétől érzem a babát és egyből rúgásokkal jelentkezett de azóta minden nap érzem persze nem úgy mint más akiket hallok hogy legúgja a veséjét meg ilyenek hanem csak ilyen finom kis rúgások de most már nem is aggódok beletörődtem hogy az én babám ilyen kis ...

mazat – Wikislovník - Wiktionary

čeština: ·rozprostírat vazkou hmotu po povrchu, např. za účelem snížení tření Kuličková ložiska se musí občas mazat olejem.· odstraňovat velmi slabou, ale dobře viditelnou vrstvu hmoty z povrchu Učitel vypral houbu a začal mazat tabuli. Tahle guma bohužel nemaže moc dobře, písmo je i po gumování dobře rozeznatelné - a to ...

Ezt nézhetjük - Heti mozibemutatók 10. hét | www ...

Kellékfeleség (Just Go With It)Dr. Patrick Maccabee közli a nála sokkal fiatalabb barátnőjével, hogy házas, és van két gyermeke. Úgy gondolja, ezzel elkerüli, hogy komolyabb viszonyba kerüljenek a lánnyal. Amikor a lány rájön a hazugságra és el akarja hagyni, Patrick megkéri... (folytatás és további információk a filmről...)A rítus (The Rite)Egy amerikai pap Rómába ...

Ezt nézhetjük a héten - Heti mozibemutatók - 2013/33. hét ...

Elysium – Zárt világ Ismét egy utópia, amely szerint a dolgok a jövőben elég csúfak lesznek a Földön. Az Elysium – Zárt világ történetében konkrétan 2154-re az emberiség pöcegödrévé válik planétánk, míg az e világi Rózsadomb egy Elysium nevű mesterséges hold lesz. Oda szeretne mindenki fel-, illetve bejutni, ott nincsenek veszélyes bevándorlók, ellenben a ...

Ezt nézhetjük a héten - Heti mozibemutatók - 2013/35. hét ...

Nem először írom le idén, hogy az Alkonyat sikere óta Hollywood vég nélkül bújja a tiniknek szóló bestsellereket és keresi a következő filmsikert, amit sorozattá fejleszthet. A Lenyűgöző teremtmények a jelek szerint kudarcot vallott ebben a küldetésben, és egyelőre nem robban fel a közösségi média A végzet ereklyéi – Csontváros kapcsán sem. Ebben a filmben egy ...

Mozhan Marnò -

Mozhan Marnò ist eine amerikanische Schauspielerin. Entdecke ihre Biographie, Details ihrer 11 Karriere-Jahre und alle News.

jk3ev4bunu1405 - Google Docs


Az egykori Szabadság Filmszínház új funkcióhoz jut, a csongrádi Vig-fivérek ugyanis a létesítmény előcsarnokában megnyitják a MOZI Menzát.

7wzh0l10suummwq - Google Docs

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Megtalálhatták a Mona Lisa meztelen vázlatát - 444

Az orosz külügyminisztérium szóvivője azon viccelődött, hogy hogyan ültették le a szerb elnököt Trump elé. Óriási sértődés lett belőle. Tovább Fődi Kitti Külföld szeptember 6., vasárnap 16:05 112. Egy férfi nyolc embert késelt meg az éjszaka Birminghamban Egyelőre úgy tűnik, hogy teljesen véletlenszerűen szedte az áldozatait. Tovább Fődi Kitti Külföld szepte

Nézünk, mint a moziban | HEOL

A hatvanas években társadalmi eseménynek számított moziba járni, még a fagylaltos is – aki oldalkocsis motorkerékpárral járta a vidéket – a vetítések időpontjához szabta az érkezését.

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Milan Zivkovic Ausbildung & Kompetenz. 2007 - 2010: Ausbildung Fachmann Gesundheit EFZ, ipw Klinik Schlosstal Winterthur; 2011 - 2013: Ausbildung diplomierter Pflegefachmann HF, Sanatorium Kilchberg

MTZ osztómű - 1. Oldal - Alkatrész Webáruház

Regisztráljon, és néhány perc múlva már le is adhatja rendelését. Főoldal > MTZ traktor alkatrészek > MTZ osztóm ű. MTZ osztómű . 1 - 20 Összesen: 25 db termék . 30306 (7306) csapágy (MTZ váltó osztómű meghajtó tengelyre) 2 kép: Cikkszám: 7306 KG. Készleten Készleten: Ez a termék jelenleg van a raktárunkban. Ha csak Készeleten lévő termékek vannak a kosarában ...

Mozogni kell, mozogni jó, mozogni élvezet! – ELTE Fit Night 7

Idén 19 sportsziget 60 előre meghirdetett sportfoglalkozással várta az érdeklődőket az ELTE Bogdánfy úti sporttelepén.

Curtis: Majka már nem létezik számomra – Kitálalt az ...

Curtis: Le bizony, és hamarosan jön is majd tőlem egy kemény utcarap. Háromrészes lesz a buli. Első lemezük a koncert napján jelenik meg, és ez képezi majd Curtis & Emilio másfél órásra tervezett koncertjének egyharmadát. – Három blokk lesz, de mindent közösen adunk elő – magyarázta Curtis, aki hangsúlyozta, hogy a Majkával írt közös szerzemények is ...

Csákányi László Filmszínház - Mozi - Filmszínház

Csákányi László 1921. január 13-án, Németújváron született. Horvát családból származott, utóbb nevét Zsigovitsról Csákányira magyarosította. Középiskolai tanulmányait a szentgotthárdi Vörösmarty Mihály Gimnáziumban végezte, majd ezt követően a Budapesti Színművészeti Akadémiára felvételizett. Színinövendékként már a Nemzeti Színházban statisztált.

Radím mazat, mazat a mazat • RESPEKT

Radím mazat, mazat a mazat Doktor Miroslav Plzák, který zemřel minulý týden, byl hlavním poradcem Čechů ve věcech manželských několik desítek let. Navzdory tomu, že některé jeho názory, mediální proslulost a později i informace o spolupráci s StB budily lehkou nedůvěru. Dnešní čestný předseda asociace manželských ...

Csákányi László Filmszínház - Mozi - Vetítések

A Csákányi László Filmszínház a weboldal nyomon követésére analitikai eszközt használ, amely egy adatsorozatot készít, s nyomon követi, miként használják a látogatók az internetes oldalat.

mozis nézettség |

11:21 Meglepő, mi jósolhatja meg előre a koronavírus-gócpontokat; 17:10 Megszavazták, péntektől szigorodnak a maszkviselési szabályok Budapesten; 15:54 Megnézed Curtist Nicki Minaj-ként, aztán hajnal kettőig forgolódni fogsz; 10:34 A családja szeme láttára vertek össze rendőrök egy fekete férfit, aki megkérdezte, miért igazoltatják; 13:57 A pulton állva követelt ...

Segítőkész moziműsor-adatbázis a Filmtetten! - Filmtett ...

A moziműsort heti rendszerességgel frissítjük, egy „mozis” hét rendszerint péntektől-csütörtökig tart. Adatbázisunkban megtalálhatóak a kolozsvári, marosvásárhelyi, nagybányai, nagyváradi és szatmárnémeti mozik programjai. A Moziműsor linkre kattintva alapból a mozik szerinti filmkínálat látható az aktuális naptól kezdődően.

Ezt nézhetjük a héten - Heti mozibemutatók 37. hét | www ...

A kaptár: Megtorlás (Resident Evil: Retribution)Az Umbrella vállalat hibájából kiszabadult T-vírus tovább folytatja pusztítását a Földön, a lakosságot húsevő zombik légióivá alakítva. Az emberi faj utolsó és egyetlen reménye, Alice a cég egyik titkos bázisán ébred fel, és ahogy elkezdi felderíteni az... (folytatás és további információk a filmről, + trailer ...

Don Giovanni (Mozart) | MédiaKlikk

"Az 'operák operája', Mozart remekműve több mint kétszáz éve nyugtalanítja a gondolkodó embert. Előadója és hallgatója egyaránt újból és újból megfejtendő rejtvényekbe ütközik zenei-drámai szövedékének számos pontján. Minden újabb előadás a felfedezés örömével kecsegtet." Ré ...

Ezt nézhetjük - Heti Mozibemutatók |

A király beszéde (The King's Speech)A film VI. György király - aki II. Erzsébet királynő édesapja - történetét meséli el. Miután bátyja, VIII. Eduárd lemond, György vonakodva foglalja el a trónt. Különös probléma sújtja őt: meglehetősen dadog, ezért retteg a nyilvános szereplésektől. Beszédhibájának legyőzéséhez elfogadja egy beszédterapeuta (mai szóval ...

Da li mozak može da se regeneriše? - ATV

Da li mozak može da se regeneriše? 14:30, 07.04.2018. Nove moždane ćelije mogu se razviti i kod starijih ljudi, objavili su američki naučnici i podstakli novu raspravu među stručnjacima o tome da li ikada prestaje razvoj ljudskih mentalnih kapaciteta. Članak naučnika s njujorškog univerziteta Kolumbija objavljen u časopisu Stem Cell u suprotnosti je sa špansko-američkom studijom ...

Mozitörténet (1895-től napjainkig) | Budapesti ...

Mozi. a világnak csak két nyelve, a magyar és az angol az, amely a kinematog-ráfiára, közelebbről a vetítőteremre már ekkoriban eredeti szót talált, a többi nyelvek mind a kinematográfiából vezették le a maguk szavait: kino,cinema,cinéma, stb. Az angol movie viszont szintén a mozgásból ered.

Ezt nézhetjük - Heti mozibemutatók 16. hét |

Élve eltemetve (Buried)Paul Conroy az Amerikai Egyesült Államok hadseregének egyik beszállítója Irakban. Egy iraki csapat támadása után arra tér magához, hogy egy koporsóban fekszik - élve eltemették őt. Nem igazán tudja, hogyan került ebbe a szorult helyzetbe, de nincs is ideje... (folytatás és további információk a filmről...)Forráskód (Source Code)Colter Stevens ...

Të gjitha lajmet nga Mozzik - Telegrafi

Gramos Aliu, i njohur si Mozzik, është i lindur më 29 shtator të vitit 1995, në Ferizaj. Ai është një reper mjaft i njohur në estradën shqiptare, gjersa karrierën e ka nisur që në moshë të re. Vëllai i tij, Getoar Aliu, i njohur si Getinjo, është reper gjithashtu. Deri në vitin 2018, Mozzik dhe Getinjo ishin nën menaxhimin e label-it “ON Records”, derisa më pas u ...



Az új Mammut mozi nyitásáról háborog néhány néző |

Az elkapkodott nyitásra utal az is, hogy itt-ott még hiányoznak apróságok, mint a burkolat vagy a világító élek, és nincs elég szemetes sem. De még ez legyen a legnagyobb gond – a legtöbb negatív komment arra reflektál, ami pedig a moziélmény alapja: a kép- és hangminőségre.

Mozzik, e bën tatuazh imazhin e vajzës së tij - Gazeta Express

Reperi Mozzik ka bërë një tatuazh sonte në dorë e ku është fotografia e tij . Është përfolur shumë në media për lidhjen e tij me reperen Loredana me të cilën ai ka edhe një vajzë, Hanën.

Fontos hálózat tagja lett a mozi | Friss FM

Az Europa Cinemas európai mozihálózat felvette tagjai közé a sepsiszentgyörgyi Művész Mozit. Az Europa Cinemas az első olyan hálózat, amely kiemelt figyelmet szentel az európai filmeknek. Az 1992-ben alapított hálózatnak kezdetben 30 filmforgalmazó tagja volt, mára azonban 43 orszából, összesen 1.100 mozit számláló hálózattá nőtte ki magát.

Интернет журнал СпортОбзор.Ру о спорте, фитнесе и активном ... https://www ...

Lószart, mama! - Szabadhír

Elmebaj a köbön: a közösségi oldalakon indult ellenzéki offenzíva az ellenzékre irányul. Teljesen mást akartam írni a vasárnapi választások kapcsán az ellenzék helyzetéről. Azt szerettem volna hangsúlyozni, hogy nem is olyan rosszak a baloldali és liberális erők kilátásai az önkormányzati választásokra. Azt szerettem volna írni, hogy a pártszövetség (akár a…

Moataz Eno - Spielerprofil | Transfermarkt

Moataz Eno ehemaliger Fußballspieler aus Ägypten Defensives Mittelfeld zuletzt bei Ras Al-Khaima * 09.10.1983 in Kairo, Ägypten

Zutti Majkát már ˝elintézte˝ a Ninja Warriorban - most ...

A Ninja Warrior Hungary a világ egyik legnagyobb kihívása. A legnagyobb harcosok várják, hogy bebizonyíthassák, képesek legyűrni a monumentális akadálypályát, amit a világon eddig csak keveseknek sikerült.

Tizenöt nem létező zenekar, amit imádtunk | Az online ...

Nem nagyon találhatnánk erősebb zenészfilmet az Almost Famous-nél, a ’70-es évek egyik leghíresebb bandája, a kamu Stillwater körül pörgő rakenroll hangulatot olyan pontossággal festette le Cameron Crowe, ahogyan az a nagy könyvben meg van írva. Vastag gitárriffek, vastag bajszok, már-már olyan, mint a Kings of Leon.

Momak trazi par ili damu u Münchenu!!! | München, Njemačka

Jel ima neka dama ili par iz Münchena za druzenje sa momkom od 29 godina,ako ima neka se javi slobodno na viber 00436641853254<br /> Cekam vas pruzite priliku za druzenje i sebi i meni :) a moze i neko upoznavanje uz pice neko ali samo München na lokaciji sam Olimpia Park :)

Mozzik: Muzikë të kam të vetmën "drogë" që marr ...

Një nga reperët më të suksesshëm dhe më të pëlqyer shqiptar është edhe Mozzik. Ai shumë shpesh ka treguar se për të arritur këtu ka punuar fort, ndërsa e ka nisur karrierën pa asnjë ndihmë financiare, por është dashuria ndaj muzikës që e ka shtyrë të luftojë fort. Mozzik madje në statusin e fundit duke […]

Душевой шланг G-Lauf URG-1308 I*I 1.5M Хром

Душевой шланг G-Lauf URG-1308 I*I 1.5M изготовлен из нержавеющей стали, что гарантирует долгий срок эксплуатации.

  • Длина - 150 см
  • Максимальное давление - 12 bar
  • Рабочаяя температура - 75°C
  • Оплетка с двойным замком
  • Вращение лейки без перекручивания
  • Максимальная прочность натяжения - 60кг
  • Стандарт подводки: 1/2"

В комплекте поставки: Шланг душевой.

466 RUR
URG-1308 I*I 1.5M Хром G-Lauf

G-Lauf / URG-1308 I*I 1.5M Хром / похожие


Душевой шланг G-Lauf URG-1207 I*I 1.5M Хром

Душевой шланг G-Lauf URG-1207 I*I 1.5M изготовлен из нержавеющей стали, что гарантирует долгий срок эксплуатации.

  • Длина - 150 см
  • Максимальное давление - 12 bar
  • Рабочаяя температура - 75°C
  • Оплетка с двойным замком
  • Максимальная прочность натяжения - 60кг
  • Степень деформации при растяжении - 133%
  • Стандарт подводки: 1/2"

В комплекте поставки: Шланг душевой.

269 RUR
URG-1207 I*I 1.5M Хром G-Lauf

G-Lauf / URG-1207 I*I 1.5M Хром / похожие


Группа авторов Bioinformatics

<!– <description> –><p>Rapid technological developments have led to increasingly efficient sequencing approaches. Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is increasingly common and has become cost-effective, generating an explosion of sequenced data that need to be analyzed. The skills required to apply computational analysis to target research on a wide range of applications that include identifying causes of cancer, vaccine design, new antibiotics, drug development, personalized medicine and higher crop yields in agriculture are highly sought after.</p><p>This invaluable book provides step-by-step guides to complex topics that make it easy for readers to perform essential analyses from raw sequenced data to answering important biological questions. It is an excellent hands-on material for teachers who conduct courses in bioinformatics and as a reference material for professionals. The chapters are written to be standalone recipes making it suitable for readers who wish to self-learn selected topics. Readers will gain skills necessary to work on sequenced data from NGS platforms and hence making themselves more attractive to employers who need skilled bioinformaticians to handle the deluge of data.</p><!– </description> –><b>Contents:</b><ul><li>Introduction to Next Generation Sequencing Technologies <i>(Lloyd Low and Martti T Tammi)</i></li><li>Primer on Linux <i>(Adeel Malik and Muhammad Farhan Sjaugi)</i></li><li>Inspection of Sequence Quality <i>(Kwong Qi Bin, Ong Ai Ling and Martti T Tammi)</i></li><li>Alignment of Sequenced Reads <i>(Akzam Saidin)</i></li><li>Establish a Research Workflow <i>(Joel Low Zi-Bin and Heng Huey Ying)</i></li><li>De novo Assembly of a Genome <i>(Joel Low Zi-Bin and Martti T Tammi)</i></li><li>Exome Sequencing <i>(Setia Pramana, Kwong Qi Bin, Heng Huey Ying, Nuha Hassim and Ong Ai Ling)</i></li><li>Transcriptomics <i>(Akzam Saidin)</i></li><li>Metagenomics <i>(Sim Chun Hock)</i></li><li>Applications of NGS Data <i>(Teh Chee-Keng, Ong Ai-Ling and Kwong Qi-Bin)</i></li></ul><!– </contents> –><!– <readership> –><br><b>Readership:</b> It is a necessary companion for undergraduates, graduate students, researchers and anyone interested in the exponentially growing field of bioinformatics.<!– </readership> –><br><b>Key Features:</b><ul><li>This invaluable book provides step-by-step guides to complex topics that make it easy for readers to perform essential analyses from raw sequenced data to answering important biological questions</li><li>It is an excellent hands-on material for teachers who conduct courses in bioinformatics and as a reference material for professionals</li><li>The chapters are written to be standalone recipes making it suitable for readers who wish to self-learn selected topics</li></ul>

4918.6 RUR

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Группа авторов Handbook of Energy Finance

Modeling the dynamics of energy markets has become a challenging task. The intensification of their financialization since 2004 had made them more complex but also more integrated with other tradable asset classes. More importantly, their large and frequent fluctuations in terms of both prices and volatility, particularly in the aftermath of the global financial crisis 2008-2009, posit difficulties for modeling and forecasting energy price behavior and are primary sources of concerns for macroeconomic stability and general economic performance.This handbook aims to advance the debate on the theories and practices of quantitative energy finance while shedding light on innovative results and technical methods applied to energy markets. Its primary focus is on the recent development and applications of mathematical and quantitative approaches for a better understanding of the stochastic processes that drive energy market movements. The handbook is designed for not only graduate students and researchers but also practitioners and policymakers.<b>Contents:</b> <ul><li><b><i>Modeling and Forcasting Approaches:</i></b><ul><li>Evolution of Forecasting Techniques for Dynamic Energy Markets <i>(Julie Carey and Derya Eryilmaz)</i></li><li>Econometric Modeling of the World Oil Market as a Dynamic Game <i>(Khaled H Kheiravar and C-Y Cynthia Lin Lawell)</i></li><li>Forecasting the Return Volatility of Energy Prices: A GARCH-MIDAS Approach <i>(Afees A Salisu and Raymond Swaray)</i></li><li>Bayesian Approach to Energy Load Forecast with Neural Networks <i>(Luca Di Persio and Oleksandr Honchar)</i></li><li>Electricity Market Coupling in Europe: Status Quo and Future Challenges <i>(Roland F&#x00FC;ss, Steffen Mahringer and Marcel Prokopczuk)</i></li><li>Spatial Econometrics in Electricity Markets Research <i>(Rita De Siano and Alessandro Sapio)</i></li><li>An Investigation into Dynamics, Elasticity and Asymmetry for Residential Natural Gas Markets <i>(Kelly Burns and Tom Houghton)</i></li></ul></li><li><b><i>Volatility and Jump Modeling:</i></b><ul><li>Applied Models of Heavy Tails and Skewness in Energy Prices with an Application to Electricity Price Risk <i>(W D Walls and Wei Zhang)</i></li><li>Jumps in Energy Commodity Markets <i>(Neil A Wilmot and Charles F Mason)</i></li><li>What is the Probability of an Electricity Price Spike? Evidence from the UK Power Market <i>(Pawe&#x0142; Maryniak and Rafal Weron)</i></li><li>Stochastic Modeling and Pricing of Energy Markets' Contracts with Local Stochastic Delayed and Jumped Volatilities <i>(Anatoliy Swishchuk)</i></li><li>Volatility Spillover Effects in the Oil and Financial Market: Cross-Hedging in the US Oil Market and the Energy Pipeline Sector <i>(Jingze Jiang and Thomas L Marsh)</i></li><li>Analysis of NCG Prices Under Different Shapes of Oil Price Recovery with a Worldwide Gas Market Model <i>(Maik G&#x00FC;nther and Mostafa Fallahnejad)</i></li></ul></li><li><b><i>Regulation, Risk Management and Network System:</i></b><ul><li>Energy Risk Management in Practice <i>(Wieger Johan Hinderks, Andreas Wagner and Prilly Oktoviany)</i></li><li>Optimal Design of Energy Distribution Network using Power Flow Controller <i>(Takayuki Shiina)</i></li><li>The Troubled Path Towards Greater Transparency as a Means to Foster Good Corporate Governance and Fight Against Corruption in the Energy Sector<i>(Costantino Grasso)</i></li><li>The Hidden Role of Civil Liability in the Electronuclear Industry: Accident Costs, Insurance and Industrial Organization <i>(G&#x00E9;rard Mondello)</i></li><li>Estimation of the Hotelling Rule for Oil under Stochastic Investment Opportunities <i>(Johnson Kakeu and Mohammed Bouaddi)</i></li></ul></li><li><b><i>Environmental, Green and Renewable Energy:</i></b><ul><li>Financing the Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A New Allocation System for Dependent Risks <i>(Lorena Remuzgo, Carmen Trueba and Jos&#x00E9; Mar&#x00ED;a Sarabia)</i></li><li>Efficiency of Source Differentiated Sectoral Energy Demand Accounting for Climate <i>(Saleem Shaik)</i></li><li>Impact of the Global Financial Crisis 2007 on Project Finance in the Renewable Energy Sector <i>(Iris Pfarl and Christian Bellak)</i></li><li>Environmental Concerns and the Cost of Equity in the US Energy Sector <i>(Marcelo Bianconi and Xue Wang)</i></li></ul></li><li><b><i>Pricing and Hedging:</i></b><ul><li>German Natural Gas Seasonal Effects on Futures Hedging <i>(Beatriz Martinez, Hip&#x00F2;lit Torr&#x00F3; and Vanesa Garcia)</i></li><li>An Alternative Valuation of Energy Options for Atypical Markets <i>(David G Carmichael and Maria C A Balatbat)</i></li><li>Non-Financial Firms Hedging Risks in East Asia: The Link Between Financial Derivatives Use, Firm Value and Exposures to Country Risks <i>(Trang Kim and Quang Nguyen)</i></li><li>Risk Management and Hedging Approaches in Energy Markets <i>(Jim Hanly)</i></li></ul></li><li><b><i>Cross-Market Linkages:</i></b><ul><li>Modeling the Dynamics of Implied Carbon Price and Its Influence on the Stock Price Variability of Energy Companies in the Australian Electric Utility Sector <i>(Liangxu Zhu and Tiho Ancev)</i></li><li>Cointegrating Relationship and Granger Causal Analysis in Energy Economics &#x2014; A Practical Guidance <i>(Zheng Fang and Thai-Ha Le)</i></li><li>The Impact of Unconventional Monetary Policy Shocks on Energy Prices<i>(Panagiota Makrychoriti, Georgios Moratis and Spyros Spyrou)</i></li><li>Chaos vs Stochastic Paradigm in Energy Markets <i>(Loretta Mastroeni and Pierluigi Vellucci)</i></li></ul></li></ul><br><b>Readership:</b> Graduate students, researchers, practitioners and policymakers in the field of energy finance. Energy Finance;Financial and Economic Modeling;Volatility;Forecasting;Quantitative Finance;Energy Markets0<b>Key Features:</b><ul><li>Offers a state of art on the application of innovative mathematical and statistical approaches to energy markets modeling, forecasting and hedging</li><li>Provides new theoretical and empirical results regarding the behavior of energy markets over the recent years</li><li>Brings insight into energy risk management and modeling under the context of increasing economic and financial uncertainty</li></ul>

14438.48 RUR

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Abraham Park The Promise of the Eternal Covenant

Following his remarkable exegesis on the first and second periods of Jesus' genealogy, the best-selling author, in the fifth installment of <i>The History of Redemption</i> series, covers the third and final period, which spans the fourteen generations from the Babylonian exile to Jesus Christ. <i> The Promise of the Eternal Covenant</i> sheds light upon the labyrinth-like history of the 600 years before Jesus' birth. Throughout the book, Rev. Abraham Park demonstrates that God is sovereign over all history; the rise and fall of nations, kingdoms, and empires occur all according to God's eternal decrees and providence. His readers will be filled with assurance that God's promise of the Eternal Covenant will certainly be fulfilled.<br><br><b>Key features:</b><ul><li>Redemptive-historical discussions on the fourteen generations and their names in both biblical languages</li><li>The generations omitted from the third period of Jesus' genealogy and God's redemptive administration therein</li><li>Everything you need to know about the Babylonian exile and the return therefrom</li><li>An amazingly comprehensive chart which delineates:</li><ul><li> Israel's history and chronology of the kings, prophets, and high priest for this era</li><li> The chronological, geopolitical, and even redemptive-historical relationships between Israel and the world's superpowers like Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, and Egypt</li><li> The continuation of the line of the promised seed toward Christ in the turbulent transitions in world history</li></ul></ul>This title is part of <i>The History of Redemption</i> series which includes:<ul><li>Book 1: <i>The Genesis Genealogies</i></li><li>Book 2: <i>The Covenant of the Torch</i></li><li>Book 3: <i>The Unquenchable Lamp of the Covenant</i></li><li>Book 4: <i>God's Profound and Mysterious Providence</i></li><li>Book 5: <i>The Promise of the Eternal Covenant</li></ul></i>

1582.68 RUR

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Группа авторов Managing Digital Open Innovation

Recent developments of Internet-based digital technologies have revealed a huge potential of developing open, collaborative and network-centred innovation. However, firms face major challenges in using new technologies for rapid prototyping, data-mining, simulation, visualization, etc. to support their Open Innovation strategies.Responding to the need for further conceptual and empirical research on technology-enhanced open innovation, this book provides fresh and topical insights on how firms from different sectors have successfully implemented digital technologies for Open Innovation. Based on rich empirical data, this book discusses the benefits and drawbacks, the processes, the characteristics and the management practices of ICT-driven Open Innovation in private as well as public organizations.<b>Contents:</b> <ul><li>The Interplay of Digital Technologies and the Open Innovation Process: Benefits and Challenges <i>(Pierre-Jean Barlatier, Anne-Laure Mention and Avni Misra)</i></li><li>Innovation in Digital Business Models <i>(Dagfinn W&#x00E5;ge and Gunnar E Crawford)</i></li><li>Managing Digital Disruption of Business Models in Industry 4.0 <i>(Julian M M&#x00FC;ller, Jana Traub, Peter Gantner and Kai-Ingo Voigt)</i></li><li>From Open Design to Open Strategy: Managing the Evolution of Crowdsourcing-Based Business Models <i>(Thierry Burger-Helmchen and Erica J Siegel)</i></li><li>Modular Crowd Workflows for Open Innovation <i>(Ioanna Lykourentzou, Nikolaos Thomos and Zolt&#x00E1;n Szl&#x00E1;vik)</i></li><li>Profiting from Innovation in the Digital Era: Evidence from the Swedish Videogames Industry <i>(Vicky Long)</i></li><li>Network Orchestration and System Dynamics Modeling in Developing Innovative Decision Support Systems for Policy Makers <i>(Minna Pikkarainen, Julius Francis Gomes, Jukka Ranta, Peter Yl&#x00E9;n, Marika Iivari and Piia Hurmelinna-Laukkanen)</i></li><li>Open Science for Innovation: A Knowledge and Policy Perspective <i>(Erich Prem)</i></li><li>Innovating New B2B Business through Big Data &#x2014; Key Challenges Faced <i>(Tuija Rantala, Katariina Palom?ki and Katri Valkokari)</i></li><li>Planning a Smart Service Business Integrating External Partners <i>(Christian Koldewey, Jannik Reinhold and Roman Dumitrescu)</i></li><li>Organizational Impact of Digital Open Innovation in Retail Banks: Managing External and Internal Pressure <i>(Clarice Bertin and V&#x00E9;ronique Schaeffer)</i></li><li>From Knowledge Capture to Knowledge Integration, the Key Role of Integrative Actions in Crowdsourcing for Innovation <i>(&#x00C9;milie Ruiz, S&#x00E9;bastien Brion and Guy Parmentier)</i></li><li>The Rise of Data-Driven Business Models in the Berlin Start-up Scene <i>(Romy Hilbig, Stefanie Hecht and Bennet Etsiwah)</i></li><li>Competences for the In-house Development of Digital Innovations in German Mechanical Engineering Companies <i>(Steffen Kinkel, Johanna Rahn and Bernhard Rieder)</i></li><li>Blockchain and the Future of Open Innovation Intermediaries: The Case of Crowdsourcing Platforms <i>(Eric Schenk, V&#x00E9;ronique Schaeffer and Julien P&#x00E9;nin)</i></li><li>Playful Design Manifesto for Creative Blockchain Ecosystems <i>(Bronwin Patrickson and Michael Pierre Johnson)</i></li><li>What is the Role of Social Media in (Open) Innovation Strategies? <i>(Sharan Kaur Garib Singh)</i></li><li>Leveraging Open Innovation through Social Media: A Study on Geneva-based SMEs <i>(Angela Bacchetta Beckh, Mathias Beck and Patrick-Yves Badillo)</i></li><li>Social Media and New Service Development: An Exploratory Study within a Consulting Firm <i>(Micha&#x00EB;l B&#x00E9;n&#x00E9;dic)</i></li></ul><br><b>Readership:</b> The target audience of this book is composed of researchers, university lecturers and faculty members, university students and institutions, as well as thought leaders, managers and policy-makers whose goals include the understanding and appreciation of the role of digital technologies, and how these are intertwined with open and collaborative innovation strategies and practices.Open Innovation;Digital Disruption;Industry 4.0;Data-Driven Decision;Value Networks;Organizational Agility;Digital Design;Collaboration;Innovation Policy;Social Media;Open Strategy0<b>Key Features:</b><ul><li>Industry 4.0 and open innovation are no longer just buzz words. Their implications are pervasive in daily operations of businesses, both small and large. However, firms face major challenges in using new technologies for rapid prototyping, data-mining, simulation, visualization, etc. to support their Open Innovation strategies. The principles, structures, processes, models and mechanics of how to create and capture value from digital open innovation are up for debate and discussion. In examining the state-of-the-art through conceptual and empirical research, this book extends the discourse on linking digitalization and digitization with open innovation practice. Thus, the book explores not only the implications for digital innovation and capacity building but also that for digital disruption of business models, open strategy, profiting from innovation, innovation system dynamics and open knowledge policy. Researchers from multiple disciplines have shared their latest empirical research findings to unveil lessons and strategies of how digital technologies might be used and managed to support open innovation strategies.</li></ul>

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Terry Boyle Terry Boyle's Discover Ontario 5-Book Bundle

Terry Boyle is an incomparable observer of Ontario’s charming side, and its ghostly shadows. Presented here are five of his must-read guides for Ontarians everywhere interested in getting off the beaten track. <br/> <br/> <b>Includes:</b> <br/> <ul> <li><i>Discover Ontario</i></li> <li><i>Hidden Ontario</i></li> <li><i>Haunted Ontario</i></li> <li><i>Haunted Ontario 3</i></li> <li><i>Haunted Ontario 4</i></li> </ul>

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Душевой шланг G-Lauf URG-1205 I*I Хром

Душевой шланг G-Lauf URG-1205 I*I изготовлен из нержавеющей стали, что гарантирует долгий срок эксплуатации.

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Душевой шланг G-Lauf URG-1103 I*I изготовлен из нержавеющей стали, что гарантирует долгий срок эксплуатации.

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URG-1103 I*I Хром G-Lauf

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Группа авторов Fractional Quantum Hall Effects

The fractional quantum Hall effect has been one of the most active areas of research in quantum condensed matter physics for nearly four decades, serving as a paradigm for unexpected and exotic emergent behavior arising from interactions. This book, featuring a collection of articles written by experts and a Foreword by Klaus von Klitzing, the discoverer of quantum Hall effect and winner of 1985 Nobel Prize in physics, aims to provide a coherent account of the exciting new developments and the current status of the field.<b>Contents:</b> <ul><li>Foreword <i>(K von Klitzing)</i></li><li>Preface <i>(B I Halperin and J K Jain)</i></li><li>Thirty Years of Composite Fermions and Beyond <i>(J K Jain)</i></li><li>The Half-Full Landau Level <i>(B I Halperin)</i></li><li>Probing Composite Fermions Near Half-Filled Landau Levels <i>(M Shayegan)</i></li><li>Edge Probes of Topological Order <i>(M Heiblum and D E Feldman)</i></li><li>Exploring Quantum Hall Physics at Ultra-Low Temperatures and at High Pressures <i>(G A Cs&#x00E1;thy)</i></li><li>Correlated Phases in ZnO-Based Heterostructures <i>(J Falson and J H Smet)</i></li><li>Fractional Quantum Hall Effects in Graphene <i>(C Dean, P Kim, J I A Li and A Young)</i></li><li>Wavefunctionology: The Special Structure of Certain Fractional Quantum Hall Wavefunctions <i>(S H Simon)</i></li><li>Engineering Non-Abelian Quasi-Particles in Fractional Quantum Hall States &#x2014; A Pedagogical Introduction <i>(A Stern)</i></li><li>Fractional Quantum Hall States of Bosons: Properties and Prospects for Experimental Realization <i>(N R Cooper)</i></li><li>Index</li></ul><br><b>Readership:</b> Graduate students and researchers interested in the current status of the field that has seen significant progress in the last 10 years.Berry Phase;Fermi Sea;Phase Tranistions;Particle Hole Symmetry;FQHE0<b>Key Features:</b><ul><li>Useful for researchers as well as for newcomers and interested readers who wish to educate themselves on the current status of the field</li><li>Essential aspects of each chapter can be comprehended by any graduate student</li><li>First book to be published in this field in last ten years</li></ul>

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